Weighbriges supervision in cotton gear factories: ANM is satisfied after Label Coton Benin factory’s examination.

Mr. Gabin Joseph DEGBEY, General Manager of the  National Agency of Standards, Metrology and Quality Control was at Dassa-Zoumè since monday, the 21st of february 2022 heading a delegation on the occasion of the weighbriges inspection mission in gear factories.

At Label Coton Benin factory, the General Manager of the National Agency of Standards Metrology and Quality Control followed by Gabriel AHISSOU, Metrology technical Manager, got some discussions with Gabin SAVI the supervisor of the factory. The discussions turned mainly around the reasons of their unexpected visit and its significance for the different concerned stakeholders.

Convinced by the above raised reasons, the supervisor of the factory, Gabin SAVI welcomed the unexpected ANM’s managers’ visit which of the usefulness didn’t need demonstration but had to be repeated. To this request of the factory’s supervisors, the ANM General Manager answered favourably and added that regular inspection is a governmental duty through its Office.

After these discussions, place to the properly said inspections’ operations which started by the settlement of the bulks devoted to such occasion.

As results, the bulk loads settled on the weighbrige indicated exactly and precisely the weight of the said bulks on the display screen settled in the room related to the weighbrige.

It metrologically means that the weighbrige of Label Coton Benin responded to the requirements and can therefore serve logically to the weighing operations in the factory.

What a satisfaction for all the stakeholders witnessing this inspection !

For information, one of the National Agency of Standards Metrology and Quality Control (ANM)’s missions is to fight for fairness or equity in trade transactions as it is for instance in cotton commercialization.

By Abdel Madjid ADELAKOUN

ANM Communication Manager



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