Lanagement review of the ANM Calibration Laboratories : For Better improvement of the Quality Management System.

The National Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control (ANM) organized on  this Tuesday, March 16, 2022 in the meeting room of its Head office located at Saint Michel,  the Management Review of Calibration Laboratories chaired by the General Managing Director Gabin Joseph K. DEGBEY. It was in the presence of the technical directors and the  various managers of the said laboratories.
After the opening words of the General Managing Director, Gabriel AHISSOU Director of  Metrology took the floor to recall that this Management Review of Calibration Laboratories is  an integral part of the « general requirements concerning the competence of calibration and  test laboratories ».
It was then that Rosalie KPANOU from the Temperature Laboratory and Filibert GBEGAN from  the Mass Calibration Laboratory (LEMA), both accredited to the EN ISO/CEI 17025 Version  2017 standard, presented to the session the elements summed up in the points below,  afterward on the two laboratories. These are:
Changes in external and internal issues relevant to the laboratory; the objectives achievement ; the policies and procedures adequacy; progress on actions decided upon following previous management reviews; results of recent internal audits; corrective actions assessments carried out by external bodies; any changes in the volume and type of work  performed or scope of laboratory activities; customer and staff feedback; claims ; the  effectiveness of any improvements implemented; resources adequacy; risks identification results; conclusions drawn from results validity assurance and other relevant factors such as monitoring activities and training. Regarding the customer feedback side, it appears from the  various presentations that the majority of customers testify to their satisfaction.
Nevertheless, challenges still persist and must be addressed in achieving the institution’s  mission. Among other challenges: The technical staff reinforcement at the level of each  laboratory, the reshuffling of human resources, the implementation of a  communication policy with regard to the laboratory quality declaration policy and the  activities carried out therein, the implementation of all activities planned and included in the  2022 budget, without forgetting the thorny issue of repairing the deteriorating state of the laboratories
Exchanges were also made on the actions to be carried out for the benefit of the Volume and Pressure laboratories which must also be admitted to accreditation.

By Schadrac ASSOGBA

Stagiaire Cellule de Communication/ANM


Translated by  Léon-Lee G. DOSSOU 

Translation Desk/ANM



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