General Meeting of the ECOWAS Metrology Community Committee (ECOMET) : the Technical Committees made a partial assessment with promising perspectives.

Abidjan city sheltered from the 20th to the 24th of June 2022, the meeting of the Metrology Community Committee (ECOMET).

The expected results from the end of this meeting which, will have witnessed the sessions of the ECOWAS/PTB Project Control Committee, are as follows:

-the presentation of the activities carried out in accordance with the actions’ framework,

-the updating of the actions’ framework,

-the execution strategy of the scheduled actions has been identified and ratified.

As the other four Technical Committees, the Technical Committee in charge of sensitization (CT1) also gathered its members at Radisson Blu Hotel the 20th of June 2022 for the same partial assessment exercise.

Under the leadership of its President Mariama MOUSSA SAMA, *the presence of the Metrology Community Committee (ECOMET) President Mr. Gabriel AHISSOU* , Laura HAEUSSLER from PTB and Abraao LOPES from ECOWAS, the members of this Committee worked continuously to reach all the objectives forseen in the agenda.

It is important to mention that the members of this Committee did their best for the accomplishment of the forseen actions, however, some of the actions had been adjusted even added with the redefinition of the strategy to be carried out in order to reach the expected results.

At the end of these works which took an entire day rich in debates, some recommendations had been stated towards the different stakeholders namely PTB, ECOWAS and the different states.

Also is it useful to recall that this Committee, which gathers the Communication managers of the ECOWAS national Metrology agencies, is set up to work about all the items related to the Metrology activities promotion.

Translated by  Léon-Lee G. DOSSOU 

Translation Desk/ANM



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