World Metrology Day: The ANM raises awareness about its digital metamorphosis and the importance of metrology.

The National Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control (ANM) of Benin organized an “awareness workshop for interested parties on metrology in the digital age” this Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in Cotonou. This is to mark World Metrology Day celebrated on May 20.


The National Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control (ANM) of Benin is shaping a new face in the current digital context. She presented it yesterday during an “awareness workshop for interested parties on metrology in the digital age” at the Benin Royal hotel in Cotonou. In addition to the communication devoted to this new digital face and the prospects in the manner presented by the Head of the Agency’s communication unit, there was another communication focused on the importance of metrology for companies, production units or even anyone in different fields of activity. It is around the theme « Metrology, the keystone of a credible and competitive company ». This was presented by the Director of Metrology.

This workshop, organized with the support of the German Metrology Institute and the government of Benin as part of the celebration of World Metrology Day, which takes place every May 20, was attended by business leaders, members of the National Association of Pendulums of Benin, members of consumer associations of Benin and other actors. The theme of the workshop was guided by the one chosen internationally to commemorate this day, namely « Metrology in the digital age ».

It should be remembered that the ANM is not on the sidelines of the revolution that digital technology is bringing to the world. « The ANM, with the support of the government, has already taken part in the process of dematerializing its services in order to make life easier for economic operators in their activities and in their desire to use digital technology », informed the Director General of ANM, Gabin Joseph DEGBEY. « The ANM is resolutely committed to a process of more advanced dematerialization of services with the assistance of the Information Services and Systems Agency (ASSI) », added the Head of Communication Unit, Abdel Madjid ADELAKOUN, in his presentation:

« Today already, you can via the ANM website, place your orders online without moving » informed the DG / ANM. He adds that efforts are continuing to perfect the ordering system in place and create the payment system which will be linked to the online payment platform set up by the Beninese government. A demonstration of this was made during the workshop on Tuesday.

This digital transformation of metrology can bring many benefits to the community, according to Gabin Joseph DEGBEY. Among other benefits, he mentioned the acceleration of the time to market for products and services, the reduction of costs related to delays generated by the approval process. “Which contributes to innovation, product agility and sustainability,” he defended. On this project, he did not fail to recognize the support of the Beninese government and technical and financial partners. « The government of Benin has already anticipated by putting digital transformation at the heart of its actions since 2016 », testifies, the DG / ANM.

By Schadrac ASSOGBA

Stagiaire Cellule de Communication/ANM


Translated by  Léon-Lee G. DOSSOU 

Translation Desk/ANM



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