Power and tooling

  • Laboratory checking of electrical light meter
  • Calibration of voltmeter/ammeter
  • Checking electric energy meter working on network
  • Model or category approval

Volume metrology

  • Tank truck gauging
  • Tank and vat gauging
  • Industrial meter checkinh
  • Road hydrocarbon distributor checking
  • Water meters checking
  • Calibration of gauges

Temperature laboratory

  • Calibration of types of thermometers (-40°C à 650° C)
  • Calibration of PH Meters
  • Calibration of temperature probes
  • Checking of thermometers and Ph meters
  • Characterization of climatic et thermostatic chambers (refrigerators, ovens, incubators)

Pressure laboratory

  • Calivration / checking of manometers
  • Tensiometers checking
  • Pressure sensors checking
  • Safety valves checking

Mass metrology services

  • Checking Balances
  • Checking the scales
  • Verification of Weighbridges
  • Checking Cranes
  • Verification of Concrete Plants
  • Verification of Concrete Presses
  • Checking the load cells
  • Axle weighing verification
  • Checking gas fillers
  • Checking the Slings
  • Checking torque wrenches
  • Verification of Asphalt Plants
  • Checking the Enchasseuse
  • Checking Sorters
  • Checking the dosers
  • Checking of prepackaged

Mass calibration laboratory

  • Calibration of nominal masses from 1 mg to 20 kg of class F1 to M3
  • Laboratory balances calibration
  • Laboratory balances checking

Dimensional measures

  • Checking the calipers