CEO Message

CEO Message

Welcome to the ANM website. I imagine your presence on this site is motivated by the desire to know where you can access information concerning the management of measuring instruments and equipment (What is meant by the management of measuring instruments?);  enterprise promotion; health and safety; and the protection of consumers and the environment through the application of standards and technical regulations.

ANM’s mission is to be a trusted party in the provision of internationally recognized and customer-oriented standardization services, while providing standards-based solutions for consumer protection and trade promotion for socio-economic growth in a safe and stable environment.

As you browse through our website you will realize that ANM is committed to regularly sharing standardization activities and requirements of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) in order to facilitate Beninese (made in Benin) products.

The website hosts a wide range of information related to standard development and education; metrology;  and quality control of non-food products.

The site also has publications and a point of national enquiry which provides daily updates to our clients  on OIML requirements and ISO standards in order to avoid Technical Barriers to Trade. There is information available by accessing our services using technical assistance that allows our clients to be competitive and compliant with standards. Using digital client feedback forms, we share our opinion and insights as well as guidance in the pursuit of continuous improvement in our service delivery.

Thank you for visiting us and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts on the contents.


Joseph Gabin DEGBEY