In order to minimize cost and expenses due to the world economic crisis, most companies work on competitiveness. These companies need to focus more on the strategy brought by it than the cost of it. Establishing simple but well targeted measures can help limit difficulties and make the company more productive with low costs. These specific measures allow a clear improvement of performance whatever the fields of activity. Metrology, the science of measurement, is linked to all human activities, whether scientific, industrial or commercial. We use it daily in most usual actions. Its role is constantly increasing and affect sectors as vital as energy, hydrocarbons, health, communications, pharmaceuticals, agro-business, and the safety of industrial facilities, workers and population as well as environmental protection. A good seller is known by his ability of adaptation to a market. In a market where pre-packaged products are more available it will be a plus for a company to actually sell a 500g marked on its product at its real weight. This is the reason why measuring tools need to be accurate and frequently tested. All those tools have an impact on the products quality, instalment friability, professional tools risk prevention and pollution of environment. Knowing how to use those measuring tools is necessary for all companies. This will help the firm to master the manufacturing of product, ensure people and installation and also preserve environment safety ; externally on the other hand it will bring proof that the measures are controlled ( through an audit) and allows to place the product on the international.